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June 5, 2014 I launched a Kickstarter campaign to fabricate my first line of Snappets. I set a goal to reach $10,500 in 32 days. By day 21 I had reached the mark and at the end of the 32 day campaign, Snappets backers had contributed $14,100!


Snappets, LLC now designs and manufactures educational paper toys with love in the USA. Snappets also fabricate custom toys for non-profits and businesses. Snappets are paper toys that make noise, generating a loud “SNAP” when used. Snappets are puppets you craft yourself! 


Our first full line of toys are Dinosaur Snappets. There are 8 designs in the Dinosaur Snappet series: Ankylosaurus, Archaeopteryx, Elasmosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Pteranodon, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor. Each design is available in two styles: Full-color and Colorable!


Recently, Dragon Master Foundation and Snappets partnered to produce Dragon Snappets to help create awareness and raise funding for pediatric brain cancer research.


Several prototypes of sports teams' logos/mascots are available to view in the thumbnail galleries, as well as a series of Snappets created in the likeness of political figures in line with the 2016 United States Presidential election.


I illustrate and design all of the toys, supervise fabrication, and create all content and marketing.


Visit Snappets website here:

Snappets custom design process

After a comprehensive dialogue with the client, we start initial sketches to begin developing the new design. Once a drawing is approved, full-color renderings are executed. During this stage, additional design changes are made. For this custom Dragon Snappet, two variations were selected for fabrication.

Fabricated Snappets

Snappets has fabricated a full line of Dinosaur Snappets (Full-color and Colorable) and Dragon Snappets.

Prototype Snappets

US Presidential Election 2016 and various sports teams

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