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The offer and challenge was put to me: I had three months to put together a solo art exhibition in Shanghai. I was given a place to live and work, the rest was on me.


I met Michael my first day in Shanghai. He was a friend of a friend. Michael was raised in Sweden by Chinese parents and was now living in China.


Michael had never been to the United States and was very curious about culture there. He asked me: "What is this with the "hillybillies" there [in the United States]?" My American friend and I fell out of our seats with laughter. We came to use the term "hillybillies" endearingly. It represented a paradox of cultural bridging and misrepresentation.


Hillybilly, my first solo exhibition in Shanghai, China, opened with a reception October 5th, 2012 in the showroom/garden of Xinlelu.


I also exhibited in Metamorphosis: International Group Exhibition May 2013–July 2013 at Shun Gallery.


Cicada Wing
Fake Stuff
Shanghai 2
Heart Play
Pouty Girl
Big Mac Index
Pulgita Y Toro
Dead Dog
What Are Those
White Shoes
Las Mariposas (white)
Umbrella Lady
Train Pimp
The King
Southern Barbarian
Snake Man
Sleepy Heads
Pulgita Twist
Pulgita On Bed
In Bed
Black Sox
Car Man
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