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Pen & Ink

While living in Honolulu, Hawai'i, I had my first two solo exhibitions. The first show was simply titled Solo Exhibition and debuted February 3, 2005. My second exhibition, Text Reveals Title began on December 3, 2006


Both shows consisted of pen & ink drawings. I developed a style of hand-lettering and illustration through narratives of the world around me and show posters.

Shakespeare Died
This Is A Copy
He Reached Into
Three People Of No Relation
Icarus Celebrates Halloween
Moon Tree Skull
Necropolis 2005 World Series
Juicys Dead Cat Story
Devil vs Robot
A Three Year Old Spoke
She Said That A Dark Cloud
Only The Dead
Skooter Man
Mystery Of The Sea
The Invisible Man
Shoes Talk
The Cutest Puppy
Moon Star Sea
Life Began On The Tail
La Existencia Es Magia
He Remembered More
Crow Dies
Copy Of Chang
Ancient Skeletal Remains
120306 Flyer
020305 Flyer
110306 Flyer
070706 Flyer
030306 Flyer
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